Developing a Healthy Routine

I’ve read that it takes at least 2 weeks to change a habit. Last week my wife, who is incredibly supportive and always suggesting ways to get healthy let me know she wanted to walk together every Saturday morning after we drop our son off at school. So we started. Like bad habits are learned, good ones are also learned.

The walks have been a great way to spend time together and of course to exercise. This harsh winter has made it tougher as we’re trying to avoid busting our butts on the ice, especially me…who seems to find every ice patch out there.

I wasn’t crazy about doing the walk this weekend as I have a lot of work on the drawing table, and the less time I am at the table the less sleep I’ll be getting and that isn’t healthy either. But as Elvira points out, I need to be healthy to work and being healthy requires diet and exercise. So off we went. I’m glad we did as we got to explore the neighborhood and had a nice breakfast at a new diner we discovered.

This is our new Saturday routine now and will eventually lead to running again as the muscles adapt and I get in better shape. Maybe I can even convince Elvie to run? I’m looking forward to it as I can already notice an improvement. I’m walking faster and a little lees out of breath. Baby steps!


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