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Dr. Dean Ornish on CBS Morning News

The government’s nutrition panel has changed its longstanding advice on dietary cholesterol. A new version of its recommendations, which will be published in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, says that cholesterol-rich foods are no longer a concern.

All this flop-flopping has the public scratching their heads, and news headlines are proclaiming that we can all safely go back to eating meat and eggs. Now that cholesterol has been exonerated, sugar and carbs seem to be the dietary bad guys in the health world. But in a recent Op-Ed for The New York Times, Dr. Dean Ornish challenged the notion that Americans are eating too much starch and sugar and not enough meat, fat, and eggs.

Undo It-Undo Disease With Diet

The High Protein Myth

Dr. Dean Ornish was on CBS This Morning on March 24th to dicsuss his NYT editorial on new research regardijng protein. Here is the interview.

On Supplements…

Dr. Campbell believes that vitamins B12 and D are the only supplements we need. Many of the vitamin supplements we have been led to believe we need have been proven to be ineffectual. D is necessary as a supplement because most of us aren’t in the sun long enough to get the D we need. As for B12, that is a vitamin that is in animal flesh and if you are a vegetarian, you need a daily supplement. Other that that, it is a waste of money to buy and take supplements. It may even be dangerous, as too much calcium and vitamin E supplements have been linked to creating health issues. Also, fish oil supplements have been proven to be ineffective.

40 Facts About Fitness

40 Facts About Fitness

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