A Little Bit At a Time

I don’t want to post every day, more like once a week so I don’t burn out, and there’s only so much one can read about exercise or nutrition before they get bored.

I also didn’t want to post once or twice then disappear…again. So here is today’s update.

I have plenty of work to do but stepped out to run the family errands that you can do when you luckily work from home. They involve walking 20 minutes to get everywhere but I made it a workout in that I made sure to walk for 30 minutes before doing those, plus I make sure I take the stairs now.

Diet is still good as always.



A Brief Walk/Run

Technically I started this weekend, but since I am documenting this I officially started today. I went for the first of many walk/runs using a Couch to 5K app for the iPhone. It’s a training program that slowly develops endurance and running legs. It was a tough one for me with all the extra weight, but it’s a start.

I’m tired and sore, but I made sure to stretch and will recover tomorrow as suggested by trainers when you are starting out.

My food intake was good yesterday and this morning; all healthy, nothing fried and plenty of water. So far, so good.

I have to figure out how to embed the results from the app to this blog.


You Lack Discipline


Fit or Dead?

Fit or Dead



I save plenty of pictures and stories of people who have overcome plenty to take control and save their lives. I forget this guy’s story since it was so long ago, but I DO remember he did it naturally (no surgery), just diet and exercise, and it took him a year. Incredible transformation. This guy’s look reminds me of my old friend, Bobby Aquitania.


Before and After:1

These pictures are of me at my all time worst and best. The before picture is what motivated me to become the “after” guy within 6 months of hard work. Before_and_After_2

Reboot 2015

I am tired. Tired of taking pills, feeling terrible and making excuses for being fat. Yes, fat. Not the PC term “overweight”, but fat. And I am responsible. I can blame everyone and everything I want but the fact of the matter is I am responsible for my fall and only I can get back into shape. I have written “reboot” more times than I care to, but there comes a point where you realize you either change or you will suffer. It is MY choice if I want to age in pain or energized. It’s my choice whether I take pills that make me feel terrible or not.

I choose health. I choose happiness. I choose to be around for my wife and son. So I am writing “reboot” for the last time.