I need to find a balance between work and health. They’re both important, as I can’t be healthy if I don’t work and I need to be healthy to live long enough to keep working! The main problem with what I do for a living is that the schedule is very unpredictable and I never know when a job will pop up and keep me up all night.

As Elvira points out however, I never get a call before 10AM, which is absolutely true. In order to get regular workouts in I have to get up early and get the workouts out of the way before the insanity begins. I know this to be true, and this is the way I did things before, but I just haven’t able to get back into that routine. I’m getting there, but it’s taking longer than it should. I really have no explanation for it. 

I have to get back to it, I don’t have any other choice.


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