The Beginning is Never Easy

When I heard last night that today was going to be a scorcher in NY, I was excited. I thrive on sunshine. The idea that it was going to be hot and sunny cemented the fact that I was going to go for a long bike ride today. And…I tried. 

I woke up at 6am, part of my plan to do things like I did when I was at my healthiest, and went through my morning routine, but earlier. A shower, drinking coffee, enjoying the sounds of the birds, catching up with the news on the internet. 


Then I checked on my bike. The rear tire was flat. Great. I filled it up with air and decided I would give it a go for as long as she would have me, which was a good while. I rode to the park my brother and I would run and ride through, Forest Park in Queens, a beautiful park that looks like it’s name. After a short break enjoying the sun, and snacking on a banana for some fuel, I rode back to Rego Park with the intention of heading on over to may favorite park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park. On the way….a flat. Which was just as well, maybe a sign, since I was burnt out and running on fumes, and the heat was rising. 

I dropped off the bike for repairs and decided to upgrade the tires since it;s been 5 years and they were looking like me, a bit ragged.

Overall, not bad. Being the tech geek I can be, I uploaded my GPS info to the Garmin website and I burned 890 calories! I’m pretty happy with that, but wished I could’ve done more since it was a quite work day. I’ll give it another go tomorrow after the bike is ready.  


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