A Fresh Start

I used to run. I really enjoyed running, the way it made me feel, the sense of control I had knowing I could get myself anywhere I wanted under my own power. It was very difficult at first…I could barely run for 10 minutes straight, but with persistence I was able to run non-stop for 30 minutes within a month. This eventually led to a half-marathon run with my brother.

Something happened two years ago, it’s like I gave up, became complacent. I gained a lot of weight. My health suffered. And now I look back and wonder how I let it happen.

So I am writing this blog as a way to remind myself of where I was, and where I need to be. It’s a record of my trip to recovery, to getting back what I lost. I figure if I write about it, have something to look at, I won’t forget. I won’t let it happen again.

As for the Shrinking Buddha name? Well, I happen to resemble the Buddha at the moment.


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